Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Germany’s Real Refugee Crisis -

As we've been saying for some time. 
In a sentence: the peaceniks are responsible for the refugee floods. 
Clemens Wergin says this is not just a humanitarian crisis, but also a security crisis. 
Bur maybe the peaceniks don't mind; prefer, perhaps, the present outcome. 
I wonder how many Germans, if they could have their time over, and if they knew that some intervention in Syria would have prevented the mass exodus, would still have chosen the present outcome?  That is, considered it better to have millions flooding into Germany, rather than take any military action at all?  Not a few, I'd bet. 
Germany, which is absorbing by far the largest number of refugees, is reaping the results of its own reluctance to engage abroad and its failure, as the leading country in the European Union, to galvanize fellow member states against the mass atrocities of Syria's dictator, Bashar al-Assad — crimes that fueled the refugee crisis and helped the rise of the Islamic State. [The rest]