Saturday, 12 September 2015

And Allah smote them

Extraordinary! News this morning that a huge crane has collapsed on The Grand Mosque killing, so far, over 100 worshippers.
Pious Muslims will say that it's "God's will".
But why would Allah want to kill innocent Muslims? And they will be, those killed, 100% Muslim, because Saudi Arabia, that beacon of tolerance for the Religion of Peace, doesn't allow any non-Muslims, we infidels, to visit Mecca.
And remember that Mecca is the most holy site in the Islamic world. It's the place where Muhammad (pbuh) started preaching the revelations that had been vouchsafed him by the troglodytic angel Gabriel.
In short, there's much to puzzle here. Even to crease the brow of pious Muslims
What has got into Allah? Why is he killing we Muslims, "the best of people" as He calls us? And why in Mecca? Why at the Grand Mosque? Why oh why?
Oh well. Insh'Allah!

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