Saturday, 21 November 2015

Brother Tariq Ramanan

Puleease ! Not Tariq Ramadan!
He of "Brother Tariq: the Doublespeak of Tariq Ramadan" infamy.
Brother Tariq is a proven hypocrite, speaking one way to non-Muslim audiences, and another way to Arab-Muslim audiences. Smooth and calming to western audiences ("nothing to worry about here"); more fundamentally and rigidly Islamist to Muslim audiences. (Ref: the "Brother Tariq" book).
Brother Tariq is the grandson of Hassan Banna, the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood. The Brotherhood is the progenitor of Al Q'aeda, Hamas and IS/ISIS.
Ramadan is *proud* of this connection!
Brother Tariq infamously refused to condemn the Hudud punishment of death by stoning. (He called for a "moratorium" instead).
See Brother Tariq's debates with the late Christopher Hitchens, in which Hitchens exposes the hypocrisy of this unctuously oleaginous man. (YouTube).
So, please! No more air time for Brotherhood Tariq. (Even if you think it's a case of free speech or "putting the other side", the fact remains that he's downright dishonest).
Brother Tariq is a dangerous distraction from the realities of what we face in ISIS.

The historian Tom Holland, by contrast, was spot on in his analysis of what we face in the motivations of ISIS. Simply put: grievances (western foreign policy, Palestine, alienation, "Islamophobia", etc). may be factors behind IS terrorism, but they are peripheral. At core IS have a fundamentally religious Salafist-Islamist motivation. IS really do want an Islamic caliphate, worldwide eventually, starting in the Middle East. No matter whether we are involved in the Middle East or not. No matter if Israel exists or not. No matter how Islamapologetic we are or not.