Friday, 13 November 2015

Sermon on the Mount - Iron Chariots Wiki

Thorough the Friendly Atheist website I came upon a video of Matt Dillahunty tearing apart The Sermon on the Mount. Googling him later led me to the link below, which seems pretty much to be the work of Dillahunty.
The sum of it all is that the Sermon is a bit of a dog's breakfast: the odd pieces of good, if obvious, advice, interspersed with lots of rotten advice. Certainly not the work of an omniscient being to whom it's ascribed, via the mouth of Jesus.
All the more interesting as the Sermon is often held up, by atheists seeking to show how tolerant they are, as being a decent and well-argued morality. It's not. It's rubbish. And yet more proof that the bible is a work of fiction by fallible humans in the Stone Age.
And here is the link to the video.