Saturday, 7 November 2015

Syrian migrants hate the US, Jews and women

I followed this up on the links to the Arab Centre for Research and Policy Studies, which is here.
Ezra is a man I have a lot of time for.
It's surely of concern that the "refugees", really migrants cutting the queue, have thoroughly horrid views, on everything form Jews, to women and gays.  The Rebel's take is here

31% of Syrian refugees disagree with the objective of defeating the Islamic State terrorist group.
41% are Jew-hating, America-hating bigots.
97% are gay-hating, women-hating bigots.
I'd wondered about this earlier on, when the "refugees" (mostly, really, economic migrants, jumping the immigrant queues), had started the swarm into Europe, wondering who, if anyone, had been checking them. Of course, as one had suspected, no one was checking them. 
Don't we think this is building in, with naive deliberation, a huge problem for the future?