Friday, 29 August 2014

EVERYTHING to do with Islam. The Islam kiddie killing kamps of ISIS

How can there be any doubt but that this (below link) has *everything* to do with religion? With Islam, to be precise.
We can now call it for what it is -- a cancer. For that's what Obama called ISIS. And Obama has been just about the most Islam-friendly president the US has ever had. A positive booster for the "Religion of Peace". So when he calls an Islamic outfit a "cancer", we better sit up and take notice. And spread the message.
It's a message that's been in the blogosphere for a long time. Now it has some "progressive" credence via Islamophile-in-Chief Obama, maybe even the Left will get it: that the problem is not with "misunderstanders" of the "true" Islam, or with "hijackers" of the "Religion of Peace".
The problem -- the cancer -- is at the root of Islam itself.
The video in the article linked below shows this clearly: that the cancer is driven by core ideology of Islam.
The virgins awaiting suicide murderers; killing infidels; doing jihad; whipping unveiled women. All there in the Koran, Hadith and Sharia law. All normative Islam.
In short, it's Islam, stupid.

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