Friday, 29 August 2014

Islam Justifies Beheading of James Foley: Muslim cleric

Following the example of the "perfect man", their prophet Muhammad
Choudary, a sleazy fellow, a Muslim cleric (perhaps I repeat myself...) is nonetheless useful to we counter-jihadis since he speaks the truth about Islam.
He's not at all shy about telling we infidels of the pleasures we will share under a sharia law in the west.
In the article linked below, he usefully reminds us of the slaughter of 700 Jews overseen by Muhammad himself, in the Battle of the Trench. By analogy, he says the beheading of James Foley is permissible under Islam.
Hence also, and by the way, the deep roots of Islamic anti-semitism and the permission, from the "perfect man" himself, to kill innocents: as are ISIS, currently rampaging in the ancient Fertile Crescent.
If a non -Muslim were to point out that decapitating Foley was Islamic, he'd be labelled an Islamophobe.
But this is Choudary. A rather well-known, if notorious, convert to Islam and now dignified as a "Muslim cleric", in the article.
Listen up, ye infidels! Listen up and tremble!
"Choudary justified the beheading and attacks on civilians by pointing to the "Battle of the Trench" in Islamic history. He said that Mohammed, the prophet of Islam, targeted an entire Jewish tribe due to the actions of a few leaders. All 700 mature men of the tribe were executed."
WOW! So that's ok, then!  Just kill them all.  So ISIS are just following the example of Muhammad, "the perfect man", in their continuing murderous spree, on the example of their main man. (we've seen, for example, that they've kept their murdering to the men only.  The women are simply raped and sold off -- for that's the example of their "prophet"...).

And all the while Obama does nothing.  Nothing to excise the cancer he talked about.

By the way: Anti-semitism only started with the establishment of the state of Israel? Peace between Israel and Palestine will mean peace for the region? In your dreams. The dreams of pious Muslims are for far more than that tiny piece of land...  The video in the link below makes that clear, clear.  Nothing less than the world.

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