Monday, 4 August 2014

The latest in BBC's asinine "Nothing to do with Islam"

My letter to them:

I refer to the BBC World Service radio program seeking answers to why so many converts to Islam in the UK perpetrate violent acts.

At one point, your presenter says “nowhere does the Koran promote violence”.

That statement is palpably and demonstrably False.  

The Koran is chock-full of calls to kill infidels (109 verses by one count).  Had your presenter had actually read the Koran (for surely, she can not have), she could not have made such an asinine statement.

Elsewhere she says that “There is nothing Islamic in their behaviour”, (talking of those who have perpetrated violence against non-Musilms).  Again, there facts are the opposite.  There is plenty in Islam’s Trinity — the Koran, the Hadith, and the Sirah of Muhammad — that normalises such violent behaviour.  The core of Islam calls for it.

Her main line that any violence has “nothing to do with Islam” — Islam is “a religion of peace”, no less! —  is belied by her own evidence: in the very fact that there is so much “violent extremism”, which is always “Islamic” violent extremism — not Jainist, or Buddhist, or Christian, or Mormon violent extremism.  Even her guests belie her stance that violence is “nothing to do with Islam”: for it’s always Islamic, by their own testimony.  

Even if — as your presenter maintains —  Islamic “extremism” has “nothing to do with Islam”, that the converts who break bad have “misunderstood” Islam, has it not occurred to her that there seem to be an awful lot of these people, an awful lot of “misunderstanders”?  And not just in the UK.  Both Boko Haram and ISIS are led by men who are deep scholars of Islam. What is it that such men have “misunderstood”?  How is it that what they promote has “nothing to do with Islam”, when they know so much more of Islam than your presenter and are living their lives to advance Islam?

Why, oh why, does the BBC think it’s its job to excuse, to exculpate Islam??

Unless and until the violence at the heart of Islam is faced squarely, then the likes of your presenter — and the BBC -- are going to continue to be “puzzled” as to why converts to Islam think it their duty to attack we infidels.

Shame on the BBC….

Peter Forsythe