Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Nothing to Do with Islam

The worldwide western left says that none of the mayhem in the world today -- the murderous Islamic State, Boko Haram's child kidnapping, the world's myriad Islamic terrorist groups -- 93% are Islamic -- the ubiquitous Islamist groups -- none of this has anything to do with the Islam, the "true" Islam, the Religion of Peace. (BBC, Daily Beast, Huffington Post).
This is total and complete nonsense, of course. As this article shows...  None of those Islamopologists provides any evidence for its view that putative peaceful Islam has been "hijacked" or "warped".  It merely states, states and states again ("religion of peace", "hijacked", "warped"...) with increasing frequency, and also with increasing desperation: for the emperor's clothes are well and truly down around his ankles.
Later: I'm just listening to a BBC World Service Radio report of Halal tourism, which is reporting sympathetically on places where there is gender segregation, no pork, no alcohol....
What on earth is wrong with the BBC??