Thursday, 3 March 2016

Pakistanis Throng Funeral of Man Hanged for Killing Critic of Blasphemy Laws - WSJ

This is truly sick.
Tens of thousands of Pakistanis mourn the death of the fanatic who murdered a governor who he'd accused of blasphemy.
The throngs mourn the murderer. Not the governor.
The governor had been trying to drag Pakistan into the 20th century (yes just the 20th; but that would have been a start; being as how they're in the 7th C right now).
The governor had been trying to amend Pakistan's horrid blasphemy laws. Laws that are responsible for mob lynchings of anyone even remotely thought to have "insulted" Islam: a word, a phrase, a mishandling of the Koran.....(though I rather doubt the lynchings, the burnings alive, the acid-in-the-face would stop, even with a change in the laws).
What a benighted country. What a benighted religion. Pakistan: sadly benighted by intolerant Islam.
It's also depressing. Because it means there's no hope of Pakistan ever joining the 20th century, never mind the 21st.  Because note who was mourning. Not the uneducated but:
"The vast turnout of mourners, including lawyers, small-time businessmen and students, lionized the convicted murderer, believing he acted in defense of Islam."
Dear oh dear...