Saturday, 5 March 2016

Tricked Into Cheating and Sentenced to Death -

This is an amazing story. My first reaction was that this is what happens when you have a theocracy based on horrid Islam. But of course much the same sort of thing happened (and still happens) in (Soviet) Russia. They are the genesis of the honey pot, after all.
Then again, to say that there's another horrid ideology that engages in the same sleazy tricks doesn't excuse the ones done in the name of Islam.
Shirin Ibadi's is a fast-paced story, gripping, but horrible. The methods of the apparatchiks bring to mind "the banality of evil".
One thing, though: I don't think Shirin Ebadi excuses her husband enough.
She's away. He's alone. He is confronted with an old flame who tears her clothes off. And makes up to him. In this situation, male sanity, such as it may be, is out the window. Mr Richard Thomas takes over. Rare is the man who could resist in a similar situation. Hence the success of the Honey Pot.
Thank god -- or the Great Spaghetti Monster -- that we live in a sane and secular place.
Down with fascists. Down with totalitarians. Down with Islam.

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