Tuesday, 15 March 2016

The Age gets tough: pretends it never hid the problem with Sudanese refugees | Herald Sun Andrew Bolt Blog

I'm in Melbourne where there were riots on the street I'm now on, just a few days ago. None of the mainstream press said where the rioters were from. Andrew Bolt does: they were Sudanese and Lebanese Muslims fighting Pacific Islander gangs. (Why the latter? I don't know and he doesn't say).
Rather relevant. The Age came late to the party of telling the facts.
Note that Lebanese Christians, of whom there are about an equal number as Lebanese Muslim were not involved. LC's are peaceable and engaged in the broader Australian society. This is almost a science experiment. The only thing that singles out those Lebanese rioting from those Lebanese who are not is religion. Specifically those hewing to the "Religion of Peace" are out there beating heads in, to show how peaceful they are.

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