Monday, 28 March 2016

Does Obama Have This Right? -

No he doesn't. 
After all, the president indicated, more Americans are killed each year slipping in bathtubs or running into deer with their cars than by any terrorists, so we need to stop wanting to invade the Middle East in response to every threat.
That all sounds great on paper, until a terrorist attack like the one Tuesday in Brussels comes to our shores. Does the president have this right?
Again, no he doesn't. What a bogus bit of moral equivalence there between bathroom falls and terrorist deaths. For if you don't confront terrorism it's going to get worse. Whereas the numbers killed in bathroom falls is hardly going to increase if we ignore them. And he ignores the other costs of the threat of terrorism: airport security for one. 
Obama is unhinged from reality when he has said (elsewhere) that his failure to act in Syria after his "red line" comment his "proudest" moment. That just beggars belief. That one strategic decision to do nothing is widely regarded across the political spectrum as the key one enabling Al Assad and leading to the migrant surge to Europe. Something to be proud of....?

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