Thursday, 3 March 2016

If the migrant crisis goes on like this, there may be no EU for Britain to leave » The Spectator

Mad Mutti Merkel is to blame for the refugee / migrant crisis. She kicked it off. And EU functionaries are to blame for letting it get worse. For pushing policies that were in place for a trickle of refugees, but which are lunacy for a torrent of migrants.
From the Speccie's leader:
Much of the blame lies with the Chancellor herself. As this magazine [The Spectator] argued at the time, her call for Syrian refugees to come to Germany was a tragic mistake — a massive fillip to what was this week revealed to be a £4 billion industry in human trafficking. In trying to set Germany apart as a champion of humanitarian values, she not only overrode legitimate concerns as to how its welfare system would cope with large numbers of migrants, but overlooked what has long been clear to those working at the forefront of the migrant crisis: the people arriving in Europe are not all refugees.
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May the UK leave the EU. 
And may the EU devolve into its nation states. 
(I lived there for eight years. I liked it like that!)