Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Angela Merkel defends Germany’s open border for migrants

Mad Mamma Merkel doubles down on the migrants issue.
I'd thought she was starting to see sense after her compatriots had started seeing sense. But no. Let 'em all in, she says, there's no Plan B. That really  ought to be an impeachable statement.
As Christopher Caldwell has pointed out in his seminal "Reflections on a revolution in Europe" it's the second generation of Muslim immigrants who become the most radicalized and dangerous.
This is not going to end well for Germany.
Heck, it hasn't even started well.
Meanwhile see Sam Hariss' recent podcast of his talk with open borders advocate Maryam Namazie. An ex Muslim activist who rails against Islamists and Islamism ("I eat them for breakfast" she tweets) she nevertheless spruiks for open borders, despite acknowledging that that will lead to more Islamists entering the UK.
There are good comments on this podcast at Harry's Place and the Godless Spellchecker.
See also a related video of Dave Rubin talking to Tommy Robertson.