Friday, 7 July 2017

Canada Passes 'Blasphemy' Bill To Silence Critics Of Islam | Zero Hedge

Wow; somehow I missed this on my travels. ("Canada passes "blasphemy" bill to silence critics of Islam" from
Canada has passed a motion for legislation to outlaw "Islamophobia" a bogus term coined by Islamists to silence critics and nowhere defined in the legislation.
This is where Australia's controversial 18C hate speech legislation could head if we're not careful.
Shame on Trudeau. Shame on their Liberal party, which is clearly not small-L liberal at all.
This law will render mute any criticism of an *idea*, that of Islam. What of the many clear and present shortcomings of that idea? Its misogyny, its homophobia, its sectarianism, its anti-semitism, its supremacism? These now can't be addressed and criticised for fear of being tossed in jail.
Shame on Canada.
Meantime Trudeau's government has given a huge financial gift to Ohmar Kadri, a Muslim boy fighter who was jailed for having killed a Canadian soldier: a killing that was proven and never denied by Kadri.
It's all a bit murky, but one can't help feeling his pay-off is because of Trudeau's leftie western guilt and its flip side: obeisance to Islam, the same obeisance shown in his latest Islamophobia legislation.
Shame shame on Canada.