Friday, 28 July 2017

London Pride: Don't Deny Ex-Muslims Our Struggle | Clarion Project

Queers, faggots, blasphemers, apostates... kill!!
Gay Muslim and ex-Muslims get called Islamophobic! For calling out the murderous homophobia of Islamic countries and of some mosques in Britain. (At the sound Clarion Project)
In 14 Muslim majority countries homosexuality is punishable by death: beheading, stoning or -- as in Iran -- by being hanged off a crane.
This is a very good article by a gay ex-Muslim who attended the recent Pride march in London.
He points out, by the way, that apostasy and blasphemy are also punishable by death in those same countries. And some on the U.K. Left are bowing to that bit of sharia law in the U.K. Well meaning, perhaps (though likely not), but dangerously ignorant.