Friday, 28 July 2017

On the place of western civilisation | Dennis Prager vs Bret Stephens.

It woz western civ wot built this.
Bret Stephens transferred a few months ago from the Wall Street Journal, where he was the house liberal, to the New York Times where he's the house conservative. A kind of centrist in other words. 
I've enjoyed his columns over the years, thoughtful and clearly written. But here he loses the argument to Dennis Prager, I think. Just too much cultural relativism that's scared  to say that some cultures are indeed superior to others. A culture that values freedom of thought, freedom of faith, equal rights for all genders and minorities is superior to one that provides none of these rights.  
But post-modernism has made that statement a taboo for good lefties. Especially those of the Regressive Left or Ctrl-Left.