Sunday, 30 July 2017

Canada: Sold to the Highest Foreign Bidder

Shabnam Assadolahi, brave defender of women's rights in
Islam majority countries
Shabnam Assadolahi (she above) be a good woman and leftie women should love her. Look at what she does be:
Shabnam Assadollahi, born in Iran and now residing in Ottawa, Canada, is a human rights advocate who has worked helping newcomers and refugees resettle in Canada, and as a broadcaster, writer and public speaker, primarily on the Iran. She also advocates for the emancipation of women and minority religious communities worldwide.
Now: just today I hear via good ol' Auntie Beebs that some women in Turkey  are protesting against moves to restrict their clothing choices even further: "further" given the extent to which they've already been restricted, hijabized, niqabized and burkaized.  The call of these brace protesting women is something like "keep your hands off our clothes". 
I wonder if their feminist sisters in the west will come to their support. Actually I wonder not. They won't. Because their support of Islam trumps their support of women. And their support for Islam why is that? Because Islam be poor and downtrodden. And brown. That trumps feminism in any totem pole of oppression.
So, we have here in reported by Assadolahi in the Gatestone Institute  the insane, the sickmaking celebration of the hijab in Canada. 
Trudeau marches along the road to the destruction of western civilisation. He's already said "Canada has no identity". Proudly, one must note.