Saturday, 29 July 2017

Whatever happened to the new atheists.

Sam gets excoriated. Chomsky lionised.  The opposite of what should be
The horrid Noam Chomsky gets a mention here.  He of the "six degrees of Chomsky" fame, as put out by Gaad Saad.  Find any problem in the world and then trace the six links to make it the fault of America.  Usually only needs one or two.
Here we see an analysis of why the left breaks Islamic.  Or at least, if not an analysis, a look at, a drive by....
They, the crazy left, the far left, the ctrl-left, the regressive left, fear to "get applause from the wrong side", is one clear explanation.  You don't want to be applauded, for critiquing Islam, by the right.
In "Whatever happened to the new atheists" in the National Review
But more attention is needed to the specific nature of the Left’s double standard when it comes to Islam. Why must ardent secularists from the Islamic world like Ayaan Hirsi Ali — the type of people the Left looks to for inspiration in the history of Western secularism — be deemed bigots, while Sharia-supporting conspiracy theorists like Linda Sarsour are cherished? Why has criticizing Islam caused the New Atheists to cross a red line in the progressive imagination? These positions make no sense if one thinks of the Left as seriously secular, convinced of the need to end the reign of superstition. But American liberals profess neither the passionate skepticism of David Hume nor the honest, urgent atheism of Nietzsche. They prefer to embrace a shallow, culture-war atheism instead. This culture-war atheism provides “evidence,” quick and easy, to support the proposition that America is split into two camps: the intelligent, sophisticated, urbane, righteous liberals and the idiotic, gullible, backward, bigoted conservatives. The former are atheists and the latter are believers, flattering one side and bludgeoning the other. In fact, it is this type of thinking that made progressives fall in love with the New Atheists in the first place.