Friday, 28 July 2017

Malaysia Welcomes Hamas, Brotherhood: Report | Clarion Project

Refuge in Malaysian islands if the  Muz Brotherhood comes in to M'sia
Wow this is not good news for us here in this part of the world:
 Malaysia has offered to be the new home for Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas officials who may be bowing out of Qatar to alleviate Qatar's crisis with the Gulf and Arab states.
Malaysia has often held up as an example of a "moderate Muslim" country, one where Islam and democracy can coexist. That's always been a dubious proposition -- it's an openly racist country (the Bumiputra policy, racist ID cards policy), and it's becoming more Islamified, a trend across the world. 
But allowing in -- inviting! -- Muslim Brotherhood dudes and Hamas loonies will only make all this much worse. And there's 92-year old ex PM, Mohammad Mahathir looming back -- he the openly Jew hater. 
Not good!