Saturday, 12 August 2017

BBC Newsnight on Damore's Google memo

LETTER TO BBC: re your Nightline just now:
Caroline Criedo-Perez says the Damore Google memo had no evidence because "there were no references". She must have read Damore's memo on Gizmodo the first to publish it: which it did while stripping the memo every one of the 30 links to various scientific references. 
Criedo-Perez is plain wrong about the lack of evidence for male-female difference in traits. There's plenty. But as Damore points out there's huge overlap and the gender population differences say nothing about an individual man or woman
The head of the IMF, Christine Lagarde, has noted that women are better than men at team building. This is likely true and her observations met general acclaim. She was not outed let alone fired for noting a male-female difference, an anti-male observation or anti-diversity statement.  That's all Damore was doing, pace Criedo-Perez. 
Someone at the BBC really ought to *read* the Damore Google memo before allowing more people on to voice their own prejudices and bigotries like those of Ms Criedo-Perez.