Haset Sali backs Pauline Hanson's burqa ban | Daily Mail Online

Haset Sali (L), and Hanson in the Bag.  Sali supports her call for a ban
while our Senate went all kneesy-weaky virtue-signalling
We're happy to constrain religious liberty in other cases: for example, we don't allow Christian Scientists ["scientists"!] to deny medical treatment to a critically ill child because they believe "Jesus will heal". And we don't allow Mormons to marry multiple women even if that's been their believed religious right.
And so we shouldn't allow the burka. It's a horrid garment that women only wear if they are forced to or if they are deeply pious (and misread the Koran). And piety in a Muslim is when they start to get all jihad-y.
We don't allow masks to hide the face. We shouldn't allow the burka to do the same. No matter how much Muslim leaders may bleat about "Islamophobia". (That bullshit Muslim Brotherhood neologism designed to shut down criticism of Islam).
So it's great to see Haset Sali, a Muslim leader, support Hanson's proposed ban.
So it's depressing to see the Senate give a standing ovation to the majority Leader who spoke of the religious rights to wear this body bag.
Bugger that. And bugger these pious senatorial virtue-signallers.

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