Trump speaks some sense

Trump decides not to lose in Afghanistan
Watching Trump live speech on Afghanistan. 
Key points:
1.  America would stay in Afghanistan as long as needed based on conditions. Not based on some fixed time line -- as Obama had done. 
2.  Giving more flexibility to the armed forces to decide how to proceed the war. Not micromanaging from Washington, again as Obama had done.
3.  Criticism of Pakistan. For taking American money, but harbouring terrorists, especially Afghan Taliban. Now the money will be based on cooperation in fighting terrorism. This will be tough because the Pakistani leadership, especially its armed forces, are irredeemably duplicitous. But again, about time some fire was applied to their feet. 
4.  Stroking India. To do more on anti terrorism, especially in Afghanistan.
5.  Allies need to do more. (Generally agreed in post-speech commentary).
6.  Less transparency. No need to signal everything we're doing to our enemies, as Obama had done.
BBC giving good early reviews. They have a panel doing analysis. Interesting: neither CNN nor Fox is doing post mortem. That surprises me.
Overall I thought it a good speech. He stuck to the TelePrompTer!  David French in the National Review liked it too.  See his reasoning here.
LATER: CNN is now talking about the speech, after re-litigating Trump's Charlottesville cock-up. They're generally giving it thumbs up. Was written by his generals, they say, which would seem to be the case.

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