Thursday, 31 August 2017

Millennial Socialist Luvvies worry about inequality more than efficiency

Did Ami Horowitz cherry-pick these lefty lovelies?  I don't know, but suspect they're pretty representative.  After all, I've seen plenty of other evidence that young kids in the US are in thrall to the romanticism of socialism.  Look at how many "feel the Bern".  But they know nothing of how socialism works in real life -- in other words that it doesn't work.
And I do know from living in China in the fading days of the Cultural Revolution when everything including food was rationed.  But everyone was equal!  They all earned about $US50/month.  In other words, they were all equally poor.
Today, there's all manner of everything and available to all.  There's more income inequality in China, but everyone is richer in including those at the bottom.  The poorest in China are today better off than the wealthiest in socialist times, the 60s and 70s.
These idiot millenials would prefer the China of the 60s to the China of today.
Ask anyone in China who went through the Cultural Revolution which they prefer: equality of the past or inequality of today. All of them prefer today. They prefer having wide choices to everyone being equal and having no choices.  In the 60s China you were lucky to get enough to eat. Today there's every food you could want, and every consumer good imaginable.  In the past equal days there was no way you could move within the country, let alone head overseas, while in todays unequal society Chinese are the largest group of international tourists.
It's crazy.  History means nothing to these millenials, because they don't read.  Even if they did read something other than social media I suspect they'd just put down comments like mine as being the blatherings of an old white man. Which of course they are.
From Ami Horowitz's post.