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The Muslim Brotherhood is more dangerous than these few loonies
The Clarion Project does a lot of good work that's generally sound and well researched. So this is most troubling: that the US State Department appears to have no qualms in meeting that nasty outfit, the Muslim Brotherhood. You know, the one set up in the 1920s by Hassan al-Banna, grandaddy of the oleaginous Tariq Ramadan and parent of Hamas (Hamas describes itself as the Muslim Brotherhood in Palestine). And it's outlawed in some Muslim countries!  But not the US where they welcome them to Foggy Bottom.
And they're more dangerous than the Nazis who paraded last week in Charlottesville.  First, because the Nazis are few and the Brotherhood is many, and is supported by many millions more Muslims. And secondly because the Nazis would be welcome in no government department, whereas the Brotherhood is shown the open door.  And third, because the Nazis are just against Jews and blacks, whereas the Brotherhood is against all we unbelievers. It wants nothing less than to overthrow the US government, install Sharia and rule -- eventually the World!  See the "secret memo" link quoted below.

Islamist groups still have an open door to the State Department under Secretary Tillerson. A coalition of Muslim Brotherhood groups is boasting that it was granted a visit to the department to provide their perspective on the Temple Mount crisis.

The U.S. Council of Muslim Organizations (USCMO) is an umbrella of Islamist extremist groups that was formed in 2014 so they can operate as a single body. The U.S. Muslim Brotherhood had been hoping to achieve such unification since at least 1991 when the Brotherhood expressed this desire in a secret memo uncovered by federal investigators.

Most of the groups in the USCMO are listed by the Brotherhood as being fronts for its "Islamic Movement" in America. The memo described "their work in America as a kind of grand jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within."

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