Saturday, 16 January 2016

A Stricter Islam Displaces Old Ways in Malaysia - WSJ

Malaysia was never quite the moderate Muslim country that Islamopologists have held it to be. Its Bumiputra policy was always as Islamically intolerant as it was racist. 
Malaysia is now in the slipstream of Islam's globally-growing intolerance. Or, taking "... a more conservative turn" as James Hookway calls it in this article. 

Malaysia, and Southeast Asia, is taking a more conservative turn. The Muslim faith, brought here by Arab traders hundreds of years ago, has coexisted for generations with Malay customs such as shamanism, other forms of traditional medicine and the country's sizable Buddhist, Christian and Hindu communities. 

But more recently, conservative Wahhabi doctrines, often spread by Saudi-financed imams, are redefining the way Islam is practiced and, for some, eroding the tolerance for which the country has been known.

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