Saturday, 9 January 2016

Philadelphia Mayor is an expert on Islam

Who knew?  That the Philly Mayor, one Jim Kenney, is so well-read on Islam ("Call him Imam Kenney") that he knows, he just knows, that the latest Muslim outrage -- Edward Archer's bungled attempt to murder a cop -- has "nothing to do with Islam".  Nothing I tell you.
And that statement was at the same press conference at which his Police Commissioner said that the shooter had said he did it in the name of Islam, because the Koran told him that Allah wanted him to kill the police who maintain the "law of man" (vs the Law of Allah) and that he pledged to the Islamic State.
But no, for Mayor Kenney, "[the shooting] does not represent this religion [Islam] in any way shape or form or any of its teachings".
If a murderer says he's committed murder because he hates blacks (racism), or kills cops because they've jailed a relative (revenge), or because they hate abortionists ("pro-life" nuttery), any of these motives is instantly accepted.  Only in the case of Islam, do the left, and Obama's administration in particular, simply refuse to accept the clearly-stated motive of the perp.
It's nonsense of course.  There are many justifications in the Koran and Hadith for the attempted murder of infidel cops.
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I guess we just put this down to the category of "nothing to do with Islam", No. 2356.
[Later, 14 Jan: "Jim Kenney is an idiot"]