Thursday, 7 January 2016

Mafia and the Jihadis

When the FBI was going after the mob, the Mafia, in the 70s and 80s they focused their efforts in the Italian communities around the US.
That made sense. The Mafia, la Cosa Nostra, was born in Sicily and grew up in Italy and then in the first Italian communities in New York.
No one at the time called the FBI "Italophobic". Even as law abiding Italians became caught up in FBI investigations, they understood that this was the price to pay for rooting out organized crime.
But hunting out terrorists in our midst seems to elicit different responses when the same common sense tactics are used.
The New York Times, a few days ago, ran an editorial excoriating the French police for raiding Muslim communities in search of would-be terrorists. This was "traumatizing" and "alienating" Muslim communities, upsetting "minority ethnic" citizens.
Oh yeah? Well, too bad. It is surely without doubt that all recent terror attacks in the west have been carried out by Muslims living within Muslim communities.
When asked "why do you rob banks?", Al Capone is said to have replied "because that's where the money is".
The French police are quite right to focus on Muslim communities; that's where the terrorists are.
Shame on the Times for their moral confusion.