Wednesday, 13 January 2016

"ISIL" are just "killers and fanatics"

Obama is making his last State of the Union speech as I write.
He's just said that ISIL (aka ISIS or IS) do not represent "one of the world's largest religions". We need to call them what they are, he said "killers and fanatics".
Very well, but fanatical about what? Are they fanatical racists, Jainists or Buddhists? Of course not. Yet they must be fanatical about *something*. Fanaticism does not exist in a vacuum.
Obama is now talking about "smarter ways" of handling the IS threat.
Surely it must be smarter to recognize the motivation of the fanaticism: Islamic doctrine. "Twisted and perverted", if you wish. Or an extremist, hardline version, by all means. But at core Islamist.
Not to recognize and study the key
motivation of one's enemies is to hobble oneself.
[At least he did not say, as he usually does, that Islam is one of the world's "great" religions. Just one of the largest]
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