Friday, 8 January 2016

Je suis Charlie, toujours

I'm on Charlie's side and not on the side of those who said they "had it coming", when a year ago Muslim barbarians mirdered twelve cartoonists. They killed one woman, and one woman only, because she was Jewish. "We have our morals", one of the barbarians said at the time, "we do not kill women". To them she was Jewish -- "apes and pigs" according to the Koran -- and so not human.
And I'm not in the side of those who still call on Charlie Hebdo to show more "respect" amd "sensitivity". Like the idiot conference of French bishops who asked in a tweet "is this really the kind of controversy that France needs?"

Georges Wolimaki, co-editor of Charlie Hebdo was on BBC radio yesterday, the anniversary of the barbarous murder of his colleagues. He was asked about showing more "respect" to the targets of their satire. "Another word for respect is fear", he said. The Islamists have thousands of things that can set them off, he said. As many as the stars, he said. No use to give in to their demands. They will never end.
Vive Georges, vive Charlie and vive la France.