Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Fwd: Why CY Leung fails to inspire Hong Kong people

Couldn't agree more. 
Where's the vision?  Just bootlicking Beijing. 

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Why CY Leung fails to inspire Hong Kong people
Hong Kong: News, Comment and Analysis

The policy address should be an assessment of Hong Kong's well being and the problems and opportunities it faces and how the government intends to tackle these issues over the next year. The difficulty for Chief Executive CY Leung is that an honest attempt at this opens a Pandora's box. So rather than discuss issues which concern people such one country two systems, constitutional reform changes to MPF, universal pension and so on, he ignored them.

It is true that he touched on livelihood issues such as housing and measures for the elderly but only in the half-hearted impecunious manner that has characterized the Hong Kong government's approach to welfare issues in the past. The Hong Kong government has for years ducked the issue of a universal pension claiming that it couldn't afford it. Meanwhile it happily spends HK$100 billion on questionable infrastructure projects such as Hong Kong -Guangzhou express railway and almost as much again on the Hong Kong-Zuhai-Macau bridge. More



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