Wednesday, 9 March 2011

"Bashir says charges against him equate to ban on Islam"

Bashir on charges of funding para-military training, faces the death penalty.  Photo: Jakarta Globe
“The paramilitary training is recognised by Shariah, and I say the religious teachings should not be violated,” Bashir said in response to the prosecution’s statements.

If the implementation of Sharia was banned, it would be that the government had banned Islam in Indonesia.”...

So says Aussie's favourite Islamic cleric, Abu Bakir Bashir, in the Jakata Globe. (h/t JW).
Do you see what's happened here? Do you see the significance of these words?
Islam says that it can wage jihad as defence.  There are those who say that it can also be offensive, and indeed there's plenty of doctrinal evidence for offensive Jihad. But let's stipulate, for the moment, that Jihad is indeed only in defence of Islam.

Part of the defence is that Muslims should be free to practice their religion. Now we in Australia might feel that we do offer freedom to practice any religion. And, indeed we do -- for most normal religions, that is.  But for Islam, here we have Bashir saying that if they cannot practice Sharia, that amounts to Islam being "banned".  And we know what happens when Islam feels itself banned.  To Islamists that means mankind is not free, and Islam is then bound to carry out violent "defensive" Jihad to "free" mankind by allowing the full and unrestricted practice of Islam, Sharia and all.

How long before there is a push in Australia for Sharia to be implemented, or at least practiced along side our Common Law system?  And if we don't give in to that, will we then be subject to violent "defensive" jihad to "free" Australia to practice Sharia?