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Burkini bias

"Islam not responsible for 'honour killings' and female genital mutilation, experts say". SBS 28 August 2016

Sahar Amer punks the SBS on "honour" murders and FGM

US is taking a step backwards by developing ‘smarter’ nuclear bomb | South China Morning Post

Tropes about Islam

Countering the Pontiff of Terror

Who should rule Syria? Nobody

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Burqini support: Protesting in favour of religious repression

Australia’s Ambivalence Makes It Vulnerable - Richard Fontaine

New report shows why we must reject the silencing propaganda term 'Islamophobia' - Michael Nugent

New report shows why we must reject the silencing propaganda term 'Islamophobia' - Michael Nugent

The New Dictators’ Club - WSJ

Huma Abedin worked at Muslim journal that opposed women’s rights | New York Post

What Do Jihadists Really Want?: Sam Harris

AP Claims ISIS Recruits Have a Poor Grasp of Islam | PJ Media

The Trumpian Wall

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Is That Libidinous Latina Taco Gay or Bi? - WSJ

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Going undercover against extremism - BBC News

A split euro is the solution for Europe’s single currency —

The Meaning of an Olympic Snub - WSJ (or: why are people anti-Semitic?)

Moazzam Begg is....

Can electric vehicles ever really meet Hong Kong’s transport needs?

Why Trump doesn't want to reveal his tax returns

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"Figures show strong backing for extremists". South China Morning Post

My Islam is not terrorists’ Islam |

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Muslim women need to make concessions to get a job. I did.

From Bikinis to Burkinis | What France has given up because of Islam in their country

"Anti-Muslim ignorance helps terrorists", August 7 (ATTENTION: John Lee)

"Rio Olympics 2016: Fencer becomes first US competitor to wear hijab"

Hinkley Point is a test of mutual trust between UK and China —

On Islam and violence, Pope + Patriarch = Full Story - Crux

"Anti-Muslim ignorance helps terrorists"

Islam at the olympics

Trump v Hillary on Social, Foreign, Economic policies.

"How bureaucracy helps mow down entrepreneurship", August 3

"Hongkongers are no longer safe thanks to America and its allies", SCMP, July 29. Yonden Lhatoo article.

Guilt in An Age of Jihad > Dexter Van Zile

Trump is a great businessman. Yeah sure....