Wednesday 31 January 2024

China: “Soft Diplomacy” backfire


Been trying’, tryin’ so damn hard. But I jus don’ understand the west. The concept of freedom. 

This is more of the Brendan Kavanagh imbroglio at St Pancras tube station the other day, when he got button-holed by some -- we now know -- Chinese communist apparatchiks. 

"Why Chinese ex-pats attacked British pianist EXPLAINED” | Ally

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She’s right. The Chinese in this vid were ashamed to be members of the Communist Party of China, even though they are. And of course they should be ashamed, because Communism is just Socialism on steroids, and so bad for humankind. I saw it with mine own eyes, back in 1976, when China was full on Marxist Leninist, and therefore full on failing. And then watched as it became rich, by ditching Communism. 

This has been viral in the recent few days. All unnecessary. 

Tuesday 30 January 2024

Douglas Murray - Cowardice Is Killing The West | The Winston Marshall Show

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“America is neck deep in Israel’s slaughter of Palestinians in Gaza” | Alex Lo

Note the emotive headline. "Neck deep"? "Slaughter"? Yuck.

In the article all Alex Lo's talk is all of alleged Israeli war crimes. Nothing of Hamas, who started the war, and have a specifically genocidal Charter.

Hamas, who have vowed to carry out a "new October 7th again, and again and again". Calling for "ceasefire" is calling for Israel to surrender. Instead of calling on Hamas to surrender, to release all the hostages. Which would end hostilities immediately. 

Lo may as well have chanted along with the Iranian mullahs "death to the Great Satan, death to the Little Satan".

The comments are also heavily anti U.S. and anti- Israel. 

To them I say: I presume you folks, readers of a fine liberal-left leaning newspaper, believe in democratic-liberal principles: respect for minorities, respect for LGBTQ+, freedom of speech, freedom of conscience, freedom of religion, freedom of movement, freedom of assembly, democratic choice of political leaders. And so on…. Yes, right? 

In that case when it's a choice of Hamas vs Israel, the choice is clear. 

Israel is the only — the ONLY — country in the Middle East that upholds all of these liberal principles. Hamas specifically repudiates them all. Read its Charter. Yet you fine liberals hate in the Jews and hate in the United States. Shame on you all. You should do as I have done: travel the region, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Iran, Egypt, Sudan. And see with your own yes. Confirm what I say is true. Which, spoiler alert… it is.

Others, less radical perhaps, keep calling for the "two-state solution". But Palestinians have rejected it time and again: in 1938, 1948, 1957, 1992, 2000, 2005 and 2008. Hamas mocks any "peace deals". Keep on keeping on with this is delusional. Einstein's famous statement that the definition of insanity is keeping on doing the same thing and expecting a different outcome. Which one could also apply to Israel's minimal reactions to past attacks by Hamas. Now it has to do something different and that's to annihilate Hamas. Any freedom-loving anti-Nazi should welcome this. 

“We need to talk about Tesla stock” | Farzad Mesbahi

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I never said to try to time the market. And I did say “Buy and hold”, this stock. TSLA. 

It will likely be the first Multi-Trillion company in the world. But has to be kept. Stock to give your children and for them to give their children. 

ADDED: Elon Musk’s talk at the investor conference call. 

Tesla final nail in the coffin of legacy auto.

Farzad Mesbahi:

I worked at Tesla starting in July of 2017 as an Operations Analyst out of the Bethlehem, PA distribution center facility and left as a Program Manager based out of Austin, TX as of September 2021.
I spent most of my time in the distribution and supply chain organizations.
Before Tesla, I was a Director of Business Intelligence and Pricing at the largest Pet Food & Supply distributor in the US, Phillips Pet Food & Supplies based out of Easton, PA. My wife and I also owned a small business in Bethlehem, PA between 2016 and 2019.
I have been a shareholder of Tesla since 2012 and currently own Tesla stock.
My thoughts are my own and are not representative of everyone who currently works, or has worked at Tesla.
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Monday 29 January 2024

Finally! UNRWA has been censured

My spreadsheet. Data from United Nations

The United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA), this single-purpose refugee agency in charge of the refugees from the 1948 Israel war of liberation, is having funds cut off from major donors, because their staff cheered on the October 7th massacre of Jewish women, children and elderly. And the abduction of 240 of them. 

As far back as 2012, I’ve noted that UNRWA is crooked and corrupt. Anybody with eyes and a brain could see it. Just not the donors and leftie Jew-haters, apparently. At least until now. When the Hamas-worship became too much to ignore. 

Consider a few things: 

UNRWA is the only refugee agency in the world that is set up for one group only -- the Palestinians who were driven out -- or drove themselves out -- of the new UN-sanctioned state of Israel, during the 1948 war of independence. For the rest of the world, as far as the United Nations is concerned, there is just one single agency for all of them -- the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). 

At the beginning, UNRWA was looking after some 380,000 refugees. Now they look after 6 to 7 million. This is because, unlike all other refugee agencies, the UNRWA added a clause to the definition of “Refugee” to include “the descendants of Palestine refugee males, including adopted children”. As I noted in this post, this gives UNRWA a forever job. And it also (btw) gainsays the idea of “genocide”. Pretty weird genocide if the alleged targets have increased 20-fold over the time you’re supposed to have been genociding them.

Look at the figures above, which I got from the websites of the agencies. UNRWA has ten times the staff per refugee as does UNHCR. That’s largely because all the schools in Gaza and the West Bank are run by UNRWA and we know that their curriculum is jew-hatred from the moment their kinder babies can speak. 

As soon as we knew of the October 7th massacres by Hamas, staff of UNRWA were on their Telegram accounts praising them, lauding them, calling down the blessings of Allah on them. These are the people who get away scot free? And Hamas are the people Israel is supposed to talk “peace” with?

More: evidence of UNWRA corruption and use of aid money to fund terror. Our Australian Foreign Minister is an idiot. Or a lier. 

Sunday 28 January 2024

UNRWA has been crooked for ever. It must be cancelled

The Palestinian refugee status is deceptive and rooted in decades of distortion of basic facts. 1. According to the 's website, a Palestinian refugee is defined as a "person whose normal place of residence was Palestine during the period from 1 June 1946 to 15 May 1948, and who lost both home and means of livelihood due to the 1948 conflict." This is the basic definition. 2. By September 1948, a report stated that there were 360,000 Palestinian refugees. 3. Shockingly, as of 2024, UNRWA serves a staggering 5.9 MILLION Palestine refugees. 4. This dramatic increase can be attributed to UNRWA's distorted definition of a Palestine refugee, which adds to the basic UN definition "the descendants of Palestine refugee males, including adopted children." 5. The hereditary nature of the refugee status is unprecedented and unparalleled, as there are no other instances where refugees automatically transfer their status to their descendants. 6. Furthermore, a Palestinian refugee maintains its status even after he acquires a new citizenship, and UNRWA considers those who were internally displaced (for example, moved from Gaza to the West Bank) as refugees - in contrast with UNHCR's policy. 7. Note that while UNHCR is another UN refugee agency responsible for handling all refugees globally, Palestinian refugees have their own agency, UNRWA. 8. In conclusion, UNRWA's policies are one of the key contributing factors to the Palestinian refugee problem. 9. Additionally, recent events have revealed UNRWA's undeniable involvement in terrorist activities against Israeli civilians and hostages.  
Its cooperation with #HamasTerrorists is an obvious and unquestionable reason to #DefundUNRWA. 

Climate Sensitivity | Sabine Hossenfelder

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Sabine Hossenfelder, the entertaining physicist. Here talking about some evidence that our climate models have underestimated the Climate Sensitivity; if true then temperature increases may be more than predicted. 

Bad things happen.

Meantime China, the world’s biggest carbon dioxide emitter, going gangbusters on renewables.

80% of global renewables are going into China. It’s ahead of its plans. 

Saturday 27 January 2024

Looking at the Nakba

I’ve followed this guy for some time. He’s pretty well informed.

The Arabs who decided not to flee in 1948 — in response to orders from surrounding Arab countries — became Israeli citizens, now 20% of the population with all the rights of Jewish citizens. By contrast, Jews in Arab countries were driven out or killed. There are now virtually no Jews in Arab countries. 

Friday 26 January 2024

FBI on the fully-open U.S. southern border

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The first Koel of 2024

Male Koel feeds female 
Sounded his Kooo-el, this morning, according to Arlene. This seems now to be pretty much the usual time, end January to early February arrival. June or July departure. 

Earlier years, Search “Koel” on the right side. 

Australia Day... Yay! Celebrate, Aussies, don’t mourn...

Australia Day explainer

The Australian Conservation Foundation (ACF) was founded in 1966 and I became an early member in 1969. The ACF is now the largest environmental body in Australia. Nowadays it’s not only about conservation. It’s also about politics...

In the lead up to Australia Day, today 26 January, the ACF are inviting me, not to celebrate the day, but to mourn it:

26 January is an uncomfortable reminder of how First Nations people and Country are suffering from colonisation that is unjust, often violent, and continues to this day.
Teila Watson ACF Community Organiser and Josie Alec ACF First Nations Lead, who go on to invite me to attend an “invasion day rally”, or any one of many “survival day events”. 

Yeah, but nah. And in saying that I join the vast majority of Australians, including most Indigenous Australians, who simply want to have fun and celebrate the success of a very special country. (Though there is a case to be made to shift the date, as January 26th is the day the Union Jack was hoisted up a mast and so rather sensitive two many, and I get that). 

I mean, sure, let’s recall some of the horrible things done to aboriginal Australians, especially back in those days. But let’s also recall how improved things are. When the First Fleet landed on Sydney Cove in 1788, the indigenous community were hunter-gatherers living in the stone age. Their life expectancy was 31 and literacy rates were zero %, as they had no system of writing. Today life expectancy is 75 years and literacy 75%. These still lag the population as a whole, hence the talk of “gaps”.

But it’s not like nothing has been done to help close gaps even further. Billions are spent each year, by very many well-meaning people. That can’t be ignored. The results have fallen below expectations, to be sure. Which is why people like Senator Jacinta Nampijimpa Price and aboriginal activist Warren Mundine call for a detailed analysis of where the money has gone and how it could be used better. But that’s a whole ‘nother story. 

To the Teila Watsons of the world, who demand we “mourn” the coming of the English, as “invasion day”, we must ask: what did you expect? That this huge southern land would remain in the hands of a few hundred tribes of hunter-gatherers? Pristine? In its prelapsarian glory? Until today? Really? 

Or that someone other than the British would have staked a claim? Like the French most likely. Their history of colonialism -- Algeria, Haiti -- was everywhere far more brutal than the British ever was. Or the Portuguese, or the Dutch, or even the Chinese. Whatever, it could not have remained Terra Aborginas alone and forever. 

Teila Watson writes elsewhere about the downfall of democracy in “so-called australia", a downfall she seems to yearn for. To be replaced — apparently— by a neo-Marxist First Nations dictatorship, leavened by a dash of ecological authoritarianism. Though it’s hard to be sure, given the abstraction of her prose. Have a look at her writings here. Don’t worry if you don’t understand it all or don’t quite get what she’s on about. It is pretentious pabulum. I ran it through and it got a “D”. 

Josie Alec [profile] is a purveyor of traditional aboriginal medicine. She looks like a jolly person. And I wish her well with her entrepreneur-ship. Good on her. For the traditional aboriginal medicine, I’ve got about as much time for that as I do for Traditional Chinese medicine, which is to say, none. Still, power to her. 

In her spare time, Josie works to stop Woodside’s offshore natural gas projects, arguing that the Great Serpent in the sea is one of Seven Sisters Dreaming. Or something. It must be respected. So Woodside had to stop development — at a cost of billions. This is like stopping a major project because the Astrological signs aren’t propitious. Australia had better sort out this issue before it impoverishes everyone, First Nations and Later Immigrants. As it stands, it’s condescending to treat indigenous superstitions more seriously than western ones. We can mock western astrology, but not, apparently, “aboriginal astronomy”. Hmm….

ADDED: what Teila and Josie have to do with environmental conservation, it seems, is that "we have much to learn from the nation’s original, enduring custodians”. To which I also say Yay. Bring it on. I know that we could learn about controlled fire to control bush fires. I guess theres also food, aka bush tucker, in Oz. And then... Whatever else there is to learn, by all means lets learn it. Again, Im pretty sure that theres been quite a bit done in this area; but let’s keep learning. 

The First Europeans were not the murderous barbarians they’ve been paired as by the Teila crew. The instructions to Governor Arthur Phillip were specifically to not harm the native inhabitants, and not to take any land without their permission. There were horrid cases, for sure, of murder or even massacre. But these were punished by the authorities and white settlers put to death. From the top, the message was to get on with the native tribes, peaceably. Which by all accounts happened. 

Against this backdrop, one of Arthur Phillip’s great achievements during that first foundation year, and into the next, was the relationship he cultivated with the Indigenous people. Clear principles had been enunciated in Britain before he departed. The shedding of native blood was prohibited as a crime of the highest nature and the Indigenous people could not be deprived of their land without consent. [Link]

ADDED: I rather liked this summary from then PM Tony Abbott on 2015 Australia Day:

Modern Australia has an Aboriginal heritage, a British foundation and a multicultural character”…. [Link]

And that, dear Aussie compatriots, is something to celebrate. Yay, for Oz Day!

As are Marilyn and my Mum, Mutti, rising 103.... Celebrating Australia Day in Canberra.

Tuesday 23 January 2024

"Liberal New Yorkers Want Trump! Black Chicago Voters Say The Same” | Doc Rich


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This is important. The number of Black voters in Democrat cities who are shifting to Trump. Imagine the Bronx and Chicago going Red! 

“We gonna flip Chicago Red!”.

The guy above is a vet and speaks eloquently about this issue of illegal immigrants being paid for housing, when veterans are living in tents under the overpass.

Above from my new follow, Doc Rich. 

Monday 22 January 2024

Israel: other losses not spoken about

Joel Zimelstern
A personal message to Israelis, Jews of the Diaspora and all those who are concerned about speaking up for Israel.

It wasn't just the horrific loss of life, rape, torture and taking of hostages on 7 October.

These are the other losses which aren't spoken about:

- Respect for……
21/1/2024, 10:43 AM

"Why was there Arab terror against Jews before the state of Israel was even established?" | Hillel Fuld

Hillel Fuld
Why was there Arab terror against Jews before the state of Israel was even established?

There was no "occupation".

There was no "Nakba".

There was no "Apartheid".

There wasn't even an Israel.

So why did Arabs massacre Jews in 1929, to name one of many examples?

21/1/2024, 4:37 AM

Speech at DAVOS, breaks the internet | Javier Milei


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Before his recent victory as Argentine president, Javier Milei taught economics.

This speech above has gone viral, a direct attack on the socialist-collectivist leanings of Davos WEF participants and their “stakeholder capitalism”.

Milei says better what I’ve said in this blog since the beginning: countries become wealthy by free market economics. The freer the market the wealthier the economy. 

Countries are impoverished by socialism. I saw it with mine own eyes in China, from my arrival to a socialist economy in 1976 to the shift to capitalism (“socialism with Chinese characteristics”) which lifted 500 million out of extreme poverty in China alone. That took place in forty years since they abandoned hard-line socialism in 1979. Today they are shifting back to “sharing the wealth” and that’s already leading to slower growth and a stuttering middle class.

Milei describes the same for his Argentina and for the world. In 1800, 95% of the world was in extreme poverty; today it’s 5%. Thanks for free market capitalism. 

The guys at All-in podcast talk of the importance of the Milei speech. Starts @ 4:25

“Public interviews at MASSIVE pro-Palestine rally” | Konstantin Kisin

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Konstantin Kisin, of the Triggernometry podcast, goes on the streets of London and talks to the protesters. He’s decided not to debate them, but just to listen to what they have to say. 

My own observations:

They are empathetic. They care about children being killed (who does not? nobody). They therefore demand “immediate ceasefire”. 

They are naive and ignorant. 


An “immediate ceasefire” allows murderous Hamas to regroup for the next October 7 murder and mayhem spree. Hamas have said time and again that that’s what they want to do. An immediate ceasefire, without having destroyed Hamas, allows that.

They call for Israel and Palestinians, in Gaza and West Bank, to live in one state, absorbing the current state of Israel. That you’d just need to be nice to each other and all would be sweetness and light. 


They don’t know the first thing about Hamas. For which you just need two read their Charter. Which calls for the mass murder of Jews, not just in Israel, but in the world. Hamas explicitly mock any “solutions”, any “two state proposals” any “agreements”. They only want one thing: to kill the Jews and occupy all the land....
“From the River to the Sea”, is the land they want to occupy. Which is from the Jordan River to the Med. Yet a shockingly small number of the protesters -- if any -- know what the chant means. 
They are ignorant of the longer history of the Levant. That there never was a Palestinian country. That the Muslim Arabs in the region were never “Palestinian” until the PLO and Yasser Arafat, did the rebranding, in 1964. 
They parrot a conspiracy theory: that the October 7th murderous attacks were a “False Flag” operation. Initiated by Israel. They could only know about things like “false flags” if they heard it somewhere else, an that would be in the Hamas-infiltrated social media, where they had bots ready to attack anyone not on their side and to push their crazy theory. You only have to ask: what would it benefit Israel to run a False Flag? When they were about to sign an extension of the Abraham Accords, a deal with Saudi Arabia, which was delayed (at least) by the current war. For Israel the deal with Saudi Arabia was far more important than any other fanciful “benefit” they might have gotten from killing and raping their own people. The idea of that is simply grotesque. 

Yet all that naive nonsense is believed by these people. It’s scary. It’s ridiculous. It’s pathetic. It’s unconscionable. It’s a dereliction of duty to know what the hell you’re protesting against or for, when you go out on the streets. It’s hypocrisy. 

ADDED: I’d call the protests “Pro-Hamas”, not pro-Palestinian. For that’s what they are. They are explicitly pro-Hamas. Yet we are assured that not every Palestinian supports Hamas. Being pro-palestinian, in that case, means being anti-Hamas. 

Sunday 21 January 2024

This is what Biden will do because he hates Elon…

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Why zero Arab countries accept Palestinian refugees

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Rotherham Bullies

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“Genocide? Israel is fighting a just war against terrorist group” | Amir Lati

I post this because it’s so rare to see a full-throated defence of Israel’s actions in Gaza in the legacy media.

Every single one of the statements above is true. Israel is fighting a just war. It is not genocide. South Africa are hypocrites.

But Israel is excoriated in the western press, in academia and by corrupt regimes like South Africa’s ANC, for nonsense allegations of “genocide”. 

No modern army, no western military, takes more care to avoid civilian deaths. But even its warnings to Gazans to leave an area to be bombed are maligned by Israel-haters as being “ethnic cleansing”. Damned if you do


The Genocide Convention, under which Israel stands accused, was adopted in the wake of World War II because of the global community’s inability to prevent the killing of 6 million Jews. Distorting its intention to protect the terrorist group responsible for the worst attack on Jews since the Holocaust would be an act of moral bankruptcy. [The Morally Bankrupt Genocide Case against Israel]