Tuesday 30 October 2018

“How China’s blatant IP theft, long overlooked by US, sparked trade war” | SCMP

This is a really good article. Explaining the frustration of China's trading partners to its consistent and long-standing breaches of agreed deals under the World Trade Organisation. American president after president has called it out and then done nothing. Until Trump. Mind, I don't think the action he's taking makes much sense (why pull out of the TPP?) and so think many other observers. But it's something. And whether that something turns out to be better or worse than doing nothing still remains to be seen. I'm betting something ok will come out of it. Not all that Trump wants, but more than the usual platitudes of "win-win" which usually means China wins and China wins. In short I'm guessing that China will have to do something concrete about its predatory mercantilist practices. And if that's so it will have been worth it. 
Another six months to a year I'd guess. 


Monday 29 October 2018

European Court of Human Rights Ruling: Free Speech Bows to Sharia | National Review

European Court of Human Rights Ruling: Free Speech Bows to Sharia | National Review

When he was 50, the prophet of Islam took as his wife Aisha, who was then six or seven. The marriage was consummated when Aisha was nine.
This is not a smear. It is an accurate account of authoritative Islamic scripture

How Paul Allen Changed My Life | Bill Gates | WSJ

Bill Gates and Paul Allen at a 2003 game of the Seattle SuperSonics and the
Portland Trail Blazers, owned by Allen
A wonderful, loving, paean to Paul Allen from his mate Bill Gates.  Two men who changed the world.
LATER (5 Nov): I love the photo above.  I doubt they're talking about the game.  I like to imagine they're talking some high thoughts about life the universe and everything, 'cause that's what they both were, guys with big brains who thought about all sort of things, not just computers, but also helping humankind, making the world a better place. Really!  And they really did it.  Bill still doing so.


Sunday 28 October 2018

Pope-hating Irish singer Sinead O’Connor converts to Islam

Pope-hating Irish singer Sinead O'Connor converts to Islam

Maybe she should try ripping up a photo of Muhammad just as a little experiment to test the difference between Christianity and Islam. She'd lose her head all over again.  (She had ripped up a photo of the Pope once, with nonce in response).
BTW, it's a Thing I Don't Get. That is, people converting to Islam.  I get that people are Muslims where they're born into it. But to be an adult, read the Koran, etc, and say "yep, that's the religion for me".  You have to be a sociopath, or stupid.  Or both. I suspect Sinead is the latter.  Just the latter.  That's the weight of evidence, for she's had serious mental health problems.
And why I say "sociopath" is because if you read the Koran, that's what it is: a sociopathic manual of death to the unbeliever.  Mohammad must have been a very nasty man indeed.  But to say so, according to the European Court of Human Rights, is now a "hate crime".
Story here.

“Boko Haram Put a Bounty on My Head” | Hassan John | WSJ

Boko Haram in Nigeria
The subhead to the article below is "Nigeria's president plays down the jihad against Christians as an ethnic 'clash'."
Well it's not just Nigeria's president who plays down jihad. He at least has the excuse that he's a Muslim; why wouldn't he play down jihad?  It raises uncomfortable questions, after all.
Not so the non-Muslim apologists of Islam in the West. The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR), for example, just the other day decided to support the imposition of sharia blasphemy law in Europe by finding on appeal that it was indeed illegal to criticise Muhammad because it would "hurt the feelings" of Muslims. Islam is the  Religion of Peace, don't you know. Jihad?!  No, no.
Meantime Christians in Nigeria, who are fully 50% of the population vs 40% for Muslims, are hunted down and massacred by Muslims of Boko Haram ("books are not ok in Islam"). Just imagine how Christians are treated where they are the minority. Well, you don't have to imagine because that's the case in Egypt, just as one example, and there they have been virtually wiped out.  That's true jihad for you.
Pointing this out is no doubt "islamophobic". Maybe even illegal if the ECHR has anything to do with it....
"Boko Haram Put a Bounty on My Head"

Friday 26 October 2018

“Britain has sold its soul to the House of Saud. Shame on us” | Owen Jones | The Guardian

Theresa May and Mohammad bin Sulman in May 2018

It's not often I find myself agreeing with Owen Jones, Marxist weasel that he is. 
But here I do. Saudi Arabia really is an odious regime.  Nasty nasty nasty. And yet again, nasty. It's been like that for a long time. And it's been known for a long time. Some of its worst doings are the funding of radical Islamist schools, madrasas, in east and west, turning out graduates who know only the Koran — their greatest achievement is to memorise it in its entirety — and so are driven to kill the hated kuffar. That would be us, non-Muslims of every faith and none. 
It's not just governments who lick the boots of these nasties (do they wear boots?). Nice lefties like Richard Branson see fit to add to their billions with filthy lucre from the Saudis. Shame on them too. It doesn't help that Sir Richard pulls out of the Saudi conference on now, the so-called "Davos in the desert" (yeah, right).  What, Branson just discovered that Saudi princes kill their opponents?! 
 Labour's Paul Williams cooed that his "previous notions have been blown out of the water"; that he had "seen a modern, progressive Saudi Arabia that has totally changed my view of this country". His Saudi funders must have been delighted: the rate of beheadings has doubledunder the crown prince, Mohammed bin Salman; women's rights activists and the country's most prominent dissident have been arrested; and thousands have been butchered by the Saudis in Yemen. Shipping over gullible British parliamentarians on stage-managed trips to project a false image of reform is a good investment. Williams protests that he can see "the absolutely atrocious things the regime does", but stresses the "economic and social reforms taking place", unable to accept that he was used.

Wednesday 24 October 2018

“Only reclamation can give Hong Kong the space it needs” | SCMP | Allan Zeman

"We are at a crossroads", says Allan Zeman today (Only reclamation can give Hong Kong the space it needs).
Which brings to mind a Groucho Marx quip: "when you come to a crossroads, take it."  Groucho also made the inimitable observation that "time flies like an arrow; fruit flies like a banana."  
Allan is a Canadian of about my age who's also been in Hong Kong for yonks, like me. But while I was representing the Australian people via our embassies and consulates in the region (Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong), Allan was busily buying up properties in a Hong Kong backwater that was to become the trendy nightspot of Lan Kwai Fung. Later chaired the Ocean Park amusement park (it's fun and free for us over 65's!). Result: his wealth now starts with a "b". 
One of the comments to this article says that he's on the Board of Sino Land and in thick with the land developing Li family. So he might not be the most disinterested of observers.
Here in this article he supports our Chief Executive Carrie Lam and her push for reclamation to the east of Lantau Island (the one we live on, here in Discovery Bay). 
Several islands and a whole city of up to one million people to be reclaimed just to the east of us, in spitting distance. We could see them from our balcony. 
All at a cost of $HK 500 billion which will inevitably rise to, oh let's say, a round $US 100 billion. 
Pretty weird. That a whole new city is planned for right in our front door. 
Safe to say it's also pretty controversial. 
The comments to Allan's article are breaking against him, I'd estimate. 
Anyway, interesting times, as the Chinese curse does not go...

Tuesday 23 October 2018

“Is Beijing squeezing the life out of Hong Kong?” | SCMP | Tom Plate

Tom Plate is a sound observer of this part of the world and spot-on here, discussing Hong Kong independence and China-HK relations.  (Is Beijing squeezing the life out of Hong Kong?)
I've said before that any talk of independence for Hong Kong is sheer stupidity, only tweaking the dragon's tail. Gratuitous provocation that will only lead to more backlash. In other words, in exercising feee speech these independence activists only bring on its end.  And for what? Nothing. 
If "death and taxes" are two universal truths, we must add a third: China will never, ever, ever accept independence for Hong Kong. And boy have they got the clout to ensure that. 
Got it?
 In reality, the pragmatic course for Hong Kong, many agree, is to forswear on a stack of Das Kapitals any thought of independence while working adroitly to maximise autonomy. This bifurcation offers full deference to Beijing's sovereignty over the territory, but would permit amiable public space for umbrellas, wet-behind-the-ears potential historical figures and just about everyone else.The international camera-ready umbrella movement did little but further harden the hardest hearts in Beijing and annoy many Hong Kong adults. And some adult "democrats" are increasingly seen as naive. "No," a Hong Kong friend of decades corrected me sternly, "they were just plain stupid for rejecting the offer of a chief executive election where everyone got a vote." Even though candidates would be screened first by Beijing's ideological talent scouts? "Absolutely; it would have been a start."

Monday 22 October 2018

“How Feminist Dystopian Fiction Is Channeling Women’s Anger and Anxiety” | NYT

How Feminist Dystopian Fiction Is Channeling Women's Anger and Anxiety - The New York Times
Answer: put radical left feminists in charge
"It was very intentional to make the situation in the novel feel ordinary, and therefore more frightening," she said. "One of the things about looking at the world through a feminist lens is that we are already in a dystopia." [From New York Times]
Let me amend that. "One of the things about looking at the world through a feminist lens is that it turns your brain to goo and makes you, like, real stoopid". 

"She" here being Leni Zumas, whose name I'm going to make sure I don't remember.  
Consider the definition of "dystopia": ... an imagined place or state in which everything is unpleasant or bad, typically a totalitarian or environmentally degraded one.
Then consider the changes to the treatment of women in US society, or even in the west over the last century:  the majority of women at universities are now women. There's equal pay for equal jobs. They have reproductive rights. They are helped at home by their partners. In every way under the law they are equal to men. In some cases "more equal". Heaps still to be done, sure. 
But “dystopia" Ms Zumas? Dystopia??  
Get real Mz Lumaz.

Sunday 21 October 2018

“China has much to learn from Israel and Jewish diaspora about soft power” | SCMP

Warming ties with Israel are not only good for trade and technological cooperation. At a time when China is trying to increase its soft power on the international stage, the Chinese have much to learn from the Israelis. [From today's 
China has much to learn from Israel and the Jewish diaspora about soft power. ]

Yay!  Culture is important. And these two cultures, the Chinese and the Jewish, share the culture of success. Family, education, hard work. Focus on these and you'll succeed. 
The greatest predictors of success:
1.  Graduate high school 
2.  Get married
3.  Get a job
My two favourite cultures. China and Jewish.  
Sure I criticise China. But that's its leadership I go after. Its nasty, brutal, censorious leadership. As for the average Chinese they are driven by those same values of family, hard work and education as drive the Jewish. 
And, by the way, I'm way more Ashkenazi Jew than Elizabeth Warren is Cherokee. Me: 2.5% Jewish. She: 0.18% Indian (max).

“Khashoggi killing could drive Saudi Arabia into China’s arms” | SCMP

Didn't these people know that Saudi Arabia is a really really shit place? That it's not torturing and killing Khashoggi, a regime critic, that's made them horrid? That it's horrible and has always been horrible? That whoever is leading it is always going to be a murderous brute? 
Repression of women, killing of dissidents, sponsoring of terrorism, promoting violent Wahhabism throughout the world? 
All these are par of the course for Saudi Arabia. And yet a    nice little liberal like Richard Branson can take their money. He really needs their money?? Greed overtaking liberal morals. 
And so into China's arms. Our motherland. Another nasty dictatorship only getting worse in its repressions. What can I say? They deserve each other. Sadly they won't be innocuous or without widespread influence. So the net effect of this murder may be spread of repression. 
In recent days, a parade of Western business executives – including the bosses of JP Morgan, HSBC, Standard Chartered, the London Stock Exchange, Uber and Virgin – have pulled out of an investment conference in Riyadh this week dubbed "Davos in the desert". [From Khashoggi killing could drive Saudi Arabia into China's arms]

Saturday 20 October 2018

Democrats Haven’t Turned Back From 1968 | WSJ

Here we go, a democratic operative, Ted Van Dyke, admitting that it's the Dems who are breaking violent.
De­mocrats and many in me­dia now ac­cuse Mr. Trump of to­tal­i­tar-ian meth­ods and ob­jec­tives. There is much to fault in the Trump pres­i­dency, but the to­tal­i­tar­ian ten­den­cies ap­pear to flow from our own party. Its present pres­i­dential as­pi­rants ap­pear to be em­u­lat­ing Robe­spierre in their over-the-top de­nun­ci­ations of Mr. Trump and all oth­ers they deem un­wor­thy.

Democrats Haven't Turned Back From 1968

“Trump moves to stop flood of Hondurans”

"Mateo, a two-year-old boy from Honduras ...". 
So begins your story on your front page today. 
Oh dear!  That's what you choose to highlight?! A two-year-old boy? 
Rather than the flowing river of young working age men making their way to the US border. 
And the US should just let them in?! Because it feels good. Because it feels moral? 
Your coverage is shockingly biased.
Please... do try to have some neutrality. 
Pf, etc...

Thursday 18 October 2018

Nikki Haley is an odious hypocrite on rights | Alex LO | SCMP

(UNHRC condemnatory resolutions: UN Watch)


Alex Lo is upset that Nikki Haley denounced various UN bodies ("Nikki Haley is an odious hypocrite on rights", 18 October).  But she's quite right to do so.  The UN Human Rights Council is made up paragons like Angola  DR Congo, Nigeria, Afghanistan and Pakistan.  In its first ten years it passed 68 resolutions condemning Israel alone, more than the rest of the world combined.  Human rights offenders like China, Iraq, Pakistan and Russia were given a free pass.  Whatever you think of Israel, this record is grossly biased, "hypocritical" even. Haley was right to call it out.

The UN Economic, Social and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) is even "better" than the UNHRC about condemning Israel: its record is 100%. That's right, UNESCO finds nothing to condemn in Iran, Myanmar, North Korea, Syria, Somalia or Venezuela.  Just Israel.

But if these bodies are atrociously biased, they're nothing compared to the UN Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA).  It is grossly overstaffed with 27 times the number of staff per refugee as the UNHCR.  Worse, it has close ties to the terror group Hamas.  It hides Hamas tunnels and rockets inside its schools.  It allows Hamas to recruit children to its Islamic Bloc and to teach genocidal jew hatred.  

Without UNRWA, the Palestinian refugee problem would have been solved 70 years ago by absorption into surrounding Arab states. Just as Israel absorbed the even greater number of jews who were driven out of Arab countries on the establishment of Israel, an act supported by the very United Nations that Alex Lo holds up for praise and victimhood.

So, again, Haley was right to criticise UNRWA and stop the United States funding it.

Israel is the key ally of the United States in the Middle East and has been so, bipartisanly  since its establishment.  Again, rightly so, for it is the only true democracy in the region; a democracy that guarantees more human rights to its Arab citizens (20% of Israel) than they have in any other Arab country. 

Given all this, I vote that it's the likes of UNHRC, UNESCO and UNRWA who are the true "odious hypocrites".  Ambassador Haley was quite right to withdraw the US from them. Long overdue.  

[368 words]

Pf, etc...

Wednesday 17 October 2018

Billionaires doing good

Paul Allen, confounder of Microsoft, died the other day
I heard a couple of Aussie DJ's talking about his death on Australia's ABCs Radio National. For them, the amazing thing was that Allen was worth $28 billion. "What do you do with that kind of money?", they wondered. "You buy a plane! Buy ten planes". "Buy an island!"  You've still got money left so what do you do with it all?  
This strikes me as the thinking of those who criticise capitalism for its "greed", who want the kind of socialism that makes everyone equal, because... social justice.  Because why does one, why does anyone, need so much money?
What they don't appear to realise these DJs and their ilk — and what they are profoundly incurious about — is that billionaires don't sit in their bums on top of a pile of cash surrounded by toys and islands. They use it. To invest in other companies, new or nascent.  Or, very often, to fund philanthropy. Bill and Melinda Gates are probably the most famous of the latter examples, which even envious DJs must have heard of. But it doesn't seem to have sunk in. Maybe they're not representative, they think. 
But even a teensy bit of googling would have educated those Aussie DJs about what Paul Allen actually did with his billions. 
And from today's obit in the New York Times (below) there's plenty: He "transformed Seattle into a cultural destination.... donated billions to advancement of science, technology, education, environment and the arts.... to ending elephant poaching.... to revitalising poor urban areas". How's all that for a start?!  Isn't that enough for one man in his too-short life? (He was just 65).  And that's after he cofounded Microsoft! 
Then there's Allen's ownership and promotion of various sports teams in baseball, soccer and football. 
I'd rather have entrepreneurial individuals making their investment decisions and charitable donations on their own clearly sound judgements, than giving the money to governments to spend, corrupt or fritter. 
That's so in America and it's so here in Hong Kong. 

Tuesday 16 October 2018

Sweden cancels traditional Christmas concert and increases promotions for Islamic events

“Laugh now at Trump’s follies, but climate change isn’t funny” | SCMP | Robert Delaney

"I love this man!"....
An extraordinary farrago of vitriol and ad hominem. From the Post's US Bureau chief,  no less.
Laugh now at Trump's follies, but climate change isn't funny
Just a selection of where Delaney is wrong:
Trump did not say the neo-nazis at Charlottesville were equivalent to the Antifa people. He said that there were "good people" on both sides of the debate over historical statues. He explicitly denounced neo-nazis the next day. 
He offered to the NFL "kneelers" that if they suggested POCs who were unjustly in prison, he would pardon them. NFL's reaction? It's "too complicated". 
Black employment is going great, but Delaney disses the result because it's due to overall economic performance". So what? How does that negate it?
In the sixties well-meaning social policies by the Democrats led to a huge jump in single motherhood and the decline of the black family fuelling large increases in black incarceration rates. These were made worse by Bill Clinton's "three strikes, you're in for life with no parole" policy. 
I watched Kimmel, SNL, and co, and, I dunno, maybe I've lost my sense of humour, but I didn't find them the lest funny. Crude and obvious, more like. 
Reference to Ye's "insanity" is not called for given his acknowledged problems with bi-polar disorder (which he then put down to lack of sleep...). 
Ye convicted Trump to take prison reform seriously. Trump has since said that he would overrule Jeff Sessions to promote it. What have Delaney and the rest of Ye's critics on the Left done today to improve America? Anything? Nothing?
All in all the Lefts antics its hysteria over the Ye-Trump meeting has been ridiculous verging on the disgusting.

Monday 15 October 2018

May and Corbyn share a divisive approach to race | The Times

That's Seamus Milne there, the obnoxious Marxist, megaphoning Jezza

This is a good article by Clare Foges.  
Societies are being ripped apart, tested, strained, in the U.K. in Europe, Australia and in the U.S. because of fatuous and condescending "social justice" programs and tendentious data to make out western societies as inherently evil. 
They are not inherently evil. They are the greatest force for  the betterment of humankind; for all their mistakes and prejudices of the past.  Shame on May and Corbyn.  In Corbyn's case whipped on by the execrable marxist Seamus Milne, above in the megaphone.

Thursday 11 October 2018

Carbon-free world with a Nuke-free planet? Fuggedabout it!

How greenies caused climate change and ruined the planet

The UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has come out with its latest scary report (its sixth) predicting all manner of catastrophe if we don't immediately reduce Carbon dioxide emissions, while dissing nuclear power as "not relevant " in the mix.  Huh? This strikes me a just this side of insane. Correction, the other side of insane.
The media have reported it breathlessly, urging alarm.  Yet delving into the report, the only real difference from the Fifth is that the warming by 2 degrees C, is now predicted to come a bit later than then predicted.  In other words, the only substantial part of the report is actually, pace the press, good news, though you'd never know that from the media coverage.
Moreover, to the extent that there are dire predictions in the Sixth, they are made with only "medium confidence", which is set at 50/50, or a toss of the coin. A toss of the coin that an increasing number of  insects and some animals may find less habitat, for example.
But for the IPCC this is calamity staring us in the face. Despite which they dismiss the single quickest, most secure and safest way to achieve a significant reduction in carbon dioxide output, namely nuclear.
They diss nuke for three reasons: 1.  It can lead to proliferation 2.  It's polluting, especially to water and 3. It's hard to get rid of waste.
But what's the consensus on each of these three question?  Are they really problems?
The answers are: No, No and No. It's pretty much as simple as that.  None of these is a problem.  None.
Meantime, the latest Nobel laureate, the climate economist William Nordhaus, says that costs and benefits of any anti-CO2 policies need to be measured. Only if the cost of doing nothing is greater than the cost of doing something should something be done. That number is at around 2 degrees C of warming.
Yet greenies are parading both the IPCC report and Nordhaus' Nobel as if they're both saying the same thing: we need urgent -- urgent -- Carbon reduction measures, up to and including the destruction of capitalism. Just as greenies have already ruined the planet and have caused climate change.
Clearly this report is agenda-driven, not driven by any proper assessment of carbon abatement policies.
Bjon Lomborg, of the Copenhagen Consensus think tank, makes the case in more detail in the WSJ.
Below the fold is the full article.

Wednesday 10 October 2018

Kavanaugh hearings conclusion: another case of two movies on the same screen

Blogger: Althouse - Post a Comment

I screenshot this comment to This Post on Ann Althouse's blog.
I too have noticed this write up of history. As Scott Adams says, we are often watching two different movies on the same screen, and boy, is this a case of that.
Here in Hong Kong we followed the Kavanaugh hearings very closely and on all channels: CNN, CNBC, BBC and FOX.   As well as taking print editions of the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal and the South China Morning Post.  In short, covering the waterfront in terms of ideology, or at least in terms of leanings, Left and Right.
We could not come to the conclusion above. And -- watching out carefully for our own confirmation bias -- we think the above conclusion is not warranted by what we actually saw happen.
For there is only one truth, not two.  Or, at the very least, only one that is more true than the other.  One which one has to lean to, if judiciousness is to have the day.
Nevertheless, this will be the truth for the Democrats.  Namely:
- Kavanaugh lied under oath- The accusation against kavanaugh was not investigated and was credible- Kavanaugh's behavior was not an ordeal and he was wrong to get emotional about it- The GOP has totally alienated women through this process- There is a republican mob [I add: but there is no Democrat mob]
By the way, Ann Althouse is a Law Professor Emeritus, and is my twin, born on 12 January 1950.
I love her blog.
She writes, she says, with "cruel neutrality".

Monday 8 October 2018

Fathom – ‘Understanding the Jews of the Middle East and North Africa is the key to understanding the whole Middle East conflict’: an interview with Lyn Julius

This is the reality of the Jewish presence in the Middle East to counter the views of the obnoxious Jew-hater, Malaysia's geriatric PM, Mahathir Mohammad, who told BBC's Hard Talk last week that all the problems in the Middle East are due to the founding of Israel. 
They are not. 
They are due in large part to vicious Jew-hatred inherent in Islam.  See, for example, the meticulously researched The Legacy of Islamic Antisemitism: From Sacred Texts to Solemn History, by Andrew G. Bostom.
From the Fathom article:
Earlier this year Fathom's Grant Goldberg interviewed Lyn Julius about her new book, Uprooted, which documents 3,000 years of Jewish civilisation in the Arab world and explains how and why that civilisation vanished in a single generation in the middle of the 20th century. Julius describes what brought Nazi Germany, the Muslim Brotherhood and the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem into an alliance and how this impacted Jews in the Middle East and the formation of the State of Israel.
Download a PDF version here. Or Read ON....

Sunday 7 October 2018

The Jews who are signing up to Germany’s far-right AfD  | Financial Times

The first sentence in this article in the Financial Times is supposed (I assume) to shock you and make you think "how on earth could anyone say something so islamophobic?" 
But if you know the issue a bit better than leftist headlines only, you know that it's true. 
The best reference to this is the meticulously researched book by Islamic scholar Andrew G. Bostom "The Legacy of Islamic Antisemitism, From Sacred Texts to Solemn History". 
Jew-hatred is deeply embedded in the Koran. 
Yet here in the FT, they slid by the issue. Try to discredit the link. Slyly. 
And — I've written elsewhere — that AfD is not "far-Right".  Its policies are, if anything, socialist. The only thing they differ from the Left are that they have a concern about bringing in undocumented and unchecked immigrants who hew to a culture, Islam, inimical to the liberal values of the West. 

  • LATER (11 October): I'm going to resile a bit from the comment that AfD are not "far right".  Rather, I'll say, not they're Left -- though it's true that they have a few policies that are of the Left, like better wages and pensions for workers -- but a raft of other policies are conservative, so let's grant that they're of the "Right". They're against same-sex marriage, though I don't know why anyone bothers with that fight any more, it's lost; and they are against gay folks adopting, which is probably arguably arguable...  and a few others.

So... AfD are Right.  But not "Far Right".  I think that's too much of contumely, right there.
The article:
It is the only political party in Germany that declares "Jew-hatred" as "inseparable" from Islam, and says out-loud that Islamic religious dogma is "incompatible with the German constitution". [my emphasis]

Rest below the fold...

Friday 5 October 2018

Althouse: The intemperance of the law professors' "judicial temperament" letter. (Re Kavanaugh SCOTUS nomination)


Ann Althouse is a law professor, emeritus. This is her take on the law professors' "intemperance" letter: https://althouse.blogspot.com/2018/10/the-intemperance-of-law-professors.html

Rather more substance-ful than the nonsense you just aired from lawyer Aziz. 

Please, please, someone at the BBC needs to read around a subject a bit more, before airing biased reporting from one side only — invariably the Left.

Peter Forsythe
Hong Kong 

Thursday 4 October 2018

Tolerance: Not really a thing in Islam

We are told it is only civil to respect or at least tolerate other peoples' beliefs, even if you do not agree with them – a sort of "live and let live" attitude.  As a general principle, this position is admirable.  Yet there are exceptions.  A case in point is when people say, "Let Muslims believe what they want."  I strongly disagree with letting Muslims believe what they want to believe when they hold that I, as a non-Muslim, have no right to live.  Or if I am to live, I must live a subservient life to that of Muslims.  Wherever they are in power in the world, Muslims do everything they can to make non-believers' lives dreadful and deadly.
I don't tolerate the belief and practices of Islam, in the same vein as I reject fascism and all other exclusionary oppressive systems of belief.As they say, tolerating evil is not tolerance.  It is a crime.