Mutti 100th Birthday, 15th September 2021:  
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Our Rooftop Solar, 26 May 2022 

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Yale Mask Study 17 September 2021

US issues
Coleman Hughes on police killings,  28 Jul 2020
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Hong Kong Protests
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Our Seven Freedoms
Five Demands and the cost of the protests 
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Climate Change 
Carbon-free world with a nuke-free planet? Fuggedabout it!, 11 October 2018
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Greenies caused climate change. 22 July 2016

Muslim Brotherhood posts, 3 May 2017
How many times has Israel offered peace?  1 Aug 2017
Islamic terrorist organisations.  April 2016
Islamic Trinity  January 2012
Mosques in the US really do preach hate ideology.  June 2011
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The end is nigh; don’t do anything. Notes on the death of professor Sir Frank Fenner