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“Good news from the Middle East (really)”

Hazhir Teimourian - Middle East Analyst and Commentator

Egyptian futures: Tiananmen or Gaza?

"Don't panda to China", response to letter in 22 January Spectator

Are bicycle helmets really safe?

Tim Winter: member of the Muslim organisation of Very Very Moderate Extremists

Free Lars Hedegaard!

Not all critics of Islam are “right-wing extremists"

"Lars Hedegaard: Defending Free Speech from Western Enablers of Totalitarian Islam"

Marrickville councillors engage in some ill-advised and ignorant foreign policy

BBC does more apologising for Islam: this time in Sweden's Malmö

The Blasphemy of anti-Blasphemy laws

"Full-bred Aussie with longing for sharia law"

"Hidden dangers of the politicians' happy talk"

"Islamophobia" on the rise: in media mentions, not in reality

Tunisia et.seq: Democratic Dominoes or Islamic Brotherhoods?

"Islamophobia" is an invented term

Baroness Warsi plays, yet again, the victimhood card, and BBC buys it

Obama is a Muslim, Communist, Nazi, Peacenik. Not. Or... when Nazism really IS the right analogy

Not burning the Koran: not OK. Death penalty for same-sex acts: OK

"No justification for law on blasphemy"

"Pakistan must face up to the enemy within"

"Why it's a turn-off for men when women cry"

"Jihad against justice"

What do dogs think of humans?

"Mohammed the Brit"

Freedom and Islam: a statistical survey (Freedom House Index)

"The great leap backward"; thoughts on Bo Xilai

"A tipping point for Arabs?" Towards a Democratic Brotherhood, or the Muslim Brotherhood?

Off on vacation, back 17th Jan

"A new year and worries for Muslims"

What is the true Blasphemy here?

"Retail of two cities"

"Scientific breakthrough may solve uranium supply problem at nuclear plants"

"India launches Shariah Stock Index"

"Equality, a True Soul Food", by Nicholas Kristof

Are you a liberal or a conservative?