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Iranian provocations since May

Who’s in front?

Turkey's Africa Strategy Threatens to Breed Islamist Extremism | National Review

Pakistan Presses U.N. to Ban Islam Criticism. | Human Events

Donald Trump's Iran Policy Is Exposing EU's Weakness - The Atlantic

Robert Mueller to Testify Before House Committees

Yes, but.... asking Palestinians to say “surrender” seems a fool’s errand, so....

UBI is highly progressive

Take the Palestinians’ ‘No’ for an Answer

“Hong Kong extradition protests reveal deep-rooted problems that need addressing. How will Carrie Lam and Beijing respond?” SCMP | David Dodwell

'We’ve been Rotherhamed'. Rod Liddle

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Energy solution needs better technology

My letter in “Canberra Times”

‘Hong Kong fury'

‘Greener than thou'

Carrie Crypto Communist

The speech censors given a free media pass

China’s Million New Dissidents - The Wall Street Journal.

“Don’t blame weather for drop in light rail patronage” Letters June 13

Carrie. Our crypto commie

“It’s up to Boris now…”

Althouse: "So no one should express partisan certainty regarding President Trump’s suggestion that the Supreme Court might well decide that impeaching a president without evidence of high crimes and misdemeanors is unconstitutional."

Tim Pool on Twitter. Twitter bows to China.

“Dark age”? What dark age?