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Mind-reading mandarin

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If you tweak the tail of the dragon…

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SCMP - With divergent values, it’s increasingly difficult for Hongkongers and mainlanders to understand each other

Iranian provocations since May

Who’s in front?

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Robert Mueller to Testify Before House Committees

Yes, but.... asking Palestinians to say “surrender” seems a fool’s errand, so....

UBI is highly progressive

Take the Palestinians’ ‘No’ for an Answer

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'We’ve been Rotherhamed'. Rod Liddle

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Energy solution needs better technology

My letter in “Canberra Times”

‘Hong Kong fury'

‘Greener than thou'

Carrie Crypto Communist

The speech censors given a free media pass

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“Don’t blame weather for drop in light rail patronage” Letters June 13

Carrie. Our crypto commie

“It’s up to Boris now…”

Althouse: "So no one should express partisan certainty regarding President Trump’s suggestion that the Supreme Court might well decide that impeaching a president without evidence of high crimes and misdemeanors is unconstitutional."

Tim Pool on Twitter. Twitter bows to China.

“Dark age”? What dark age?

MacKenzie Bezos is going to give all her money to charity …

Trump China Policy Misguided: Focus on Totalitarian System, Not Consumer Goods | National Review

Tweet by Coleman Hughes on Reparations. Wow

“Serious disputes between ethnic groups”. ABC’s form of words for “genocide”


If Israel was justified in attacking Egypt in 1967, was Japan justified in attacking the Pearl Harbor?

And Trump is “racist” and “misogynistic”

Don’t mention the S word.