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No one should be shy of learning Chinese


Leave ‘Martyrdom’ to the Jihadists -

Leave ‘Martyrdom’ to the Jihadists -

Hong Kong’s secret, illegal e-bikers crying out for power to the people

The Fallacy of Grievance-based Terrorism :: Middle East Quarterly

Many Muslims back Islamic State

Alex Lo: Trump and the folly of empire (My Take, 25 July)

Muslim leader Ali Selim urges media to avoid linking attacks to Islam

Albert Lo "If nothing else, at least Trump understands the folly of ‘empire’ ". 25 July

Michelle rocks

What Has Congress Ever Done for Us? - WSJ

When It Comes to Islam, Western Leaders Are Liars or Idiots | PJ Media

It's official: I'm a moderate righty.. Take the test

What Republicans Really Think About Trump -

What Has Congress Ever Done for Us? - WSJ

Greenies caused climate change

Trump Is Getting Even Trumpier! -

Holy Trump, Batman!

The Most Extreme Republican Platform in Memory -

Surprising New Evidence Shows Bias in Police Use of Force but Not in Shootings -

Saudi Arabia: Male Guardianship Boxes Women In | Video

The Year China Inc. Bet Big on the U.S. - WSJ

"Vast majority of Muslims are peaceful", SCMP Letters, July 17

War on *terrorism* ??

FGM in Islamic texts

"A map of all the countries Boris Johnson has offended"

France Truck Attack

Australian Story: the Bendigo Mosque kerfuffle

China's world view

Melting Pot Has Been Destroyed by Diversity

Chilcot’s Iraq war verdict needs scrutiny beyond the headlines -

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Ontario facing ‘epidemic of Islamophobia’ survey finds | Toronto Star

Grand Mufti of Australia proves we are right to be alarmed | The Courier-Mail

An hour is an eternity in post-Brexit politics

Iraq was destined for chaos – with or without Britain’s intervention | Hayder al-Khoei | Opinion | The Guardian

"Democracy is the opiate of history’s losers", July 6

More than 100 Nobel laureates take on Greenpeace over ‘anti-science’ opposition to GMO food

How the Red Cross Killed Non-Lethal Weapons

"Cut back red tape and food trucks can be on HK's streets next week"

One Law for All Urge Government to Fully and Impartially Investigate Sharia bodies

‘Please Do Not Say Islam Is a Religion of Peace. Not Anymore’: Bangladeshi Author Sounds Off After Terror Attack |