Monday, 4 April 2011

"The Truth about American Muslims", New York Times, 1 April

The Truth about American Muslims” (NYT April 1, 2011) could have been written by Minitrue.

The figures from the Department of Justice are suspect, including as they do many subjective items such as “school and zoning law abuses” (on which side?) and “mosque burnings”, when we know of well-documented cases of burnings and damage to mosques having been done by Muslims themselves in order to claim “hate crimes”.

Better to take the hard data of the FBI, which show that in the last seven years documented attempted or successful Islamic terror attacks in the US have risen 284% while hate crimes against Muslims have dropped 32% [Ref]

While it is true that Muslims are disproportionally targeted for Hate crimes (according to these same FBI stats), Jews are more so by a large multiple: Muslims at 0.6% of the population are targets for 9% of hate crimes; Jews at 1.2% of the population are targets of 69% of hate crimes.  Yet no one hears calls for hearings on this vastly greater problem.

That a majority of mosques in the US are “extremist”, is a documented fact, whether the studies are by Muslims or non-Muslims.  Given the importance of the mosque in Muslim life, is it responsible of you to simply brush this under the carpet?

George W. Bush’s claim that Islam is “a faith based on love not hate” counts for nothing, declaimed as it was at a time when the president did not know the difference between Sunni and Shi’a.  An objective reading of the base documents of Islam show the opposite:  it is a sectarian, supremacist, misogynist faith, standing four-square against freedom of speech, freedom of conscience and the rights of women and minorities.

You talk of “dark generalizations”.  Shame on you for publishing such patently false generalizations of your own, more like Islamic propaganda than the editorial of a “paper of record”.  Shame on you.

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