Monday, 22 August 2011

Mosques really ARE a problem

Earlier I wrote that "Mosques in the US really DO promote hate ideology", noting that five studies, including one by a Muslim cleric and one by the New York police, provide evidence for that judgement.
Andrew McCarthy reports that a previous imam of the New Jersey mosque -- one of the largest in the US --  "boasted of raising money at the mosque for Hamas".  That's only not a problem if you think that Hamas is not a problem.  But it's Hamas that has in its charter the call for jews to be killed "wherever they are", in short calling for genocide of jews.
And, in J. Glazov's "United in Hate" (p147):
Pierre Rehov, the French filmmaker, who produced the documentary Suicide Killers, spend hours speaking with would-be martyrs in Israel jails and with their families.  He notes how, in this culture, the dream of becoming a suicide bomber starts in the mosque, where the imams continually tell their congregations that Jews are the descendants of apes and pigs and are oppressors of humanity in general and of Palestinians in particular.
All of which makes this report, sourced from the Hudson Institute, all the more disturbing:

Islamic mosques are being built more often in France than Roman Catholic churches, and there now are more practising Muslims in the country than practising Catholics.
Woopie do.  There are now some 2,000 mosques in France, and growing at around 10% pa.  
This can only not be disturbing if you believe, either: (a) that the reports and studies -- about extremism and hate taught at mosques -- are wrong or (b) that even if true, it doesn't matter anyway, since it's all part of the mosaic of cultural diversity; we have benefitted from immigration and their practices, their places of worship, before, and will again.
To which, one can only say, re (a) On what basis do you say the reports are wrong? They are numerous and consistent.  And to (b) Studied Sharia law lately?  Had a look at the culture that Islam, piously followed, does to a society, to its women, to its minorities, to its non-Muslims? Had a look at its core texts?  Read the Koran?  Read the Hadith? Read about Muhammad and his life of looting and pillage?
You mean you can look at all that and still not be concerned?  Heaven help you (and us!)...
There is absolutely no evidence, or even any  logic, for the belief that since immigration has been beneficial in the past, immigration of those with beliefs inimical to the west will be beneficial now or in future.  Or for the belief that mosques are simply -- like churches or temples -- simply benign places of worship, for the "religion of peace".  It simply ain't so.