Friday, 2 September 2011

"Are the Chinese sabotaging Islam?"

In a word, "no". (answering Michael Ledeen in P J Tatler)
Never ascribe to conspiracy what is readily explained by incompetence.
I say this as an avid counter-jihadist and one living in China, who is nonetheless positive on China (for the most part).
There are heaps of "Chinglish" words and phrases around, even books on the subject. That's enough to explain the typos in the Koran.
Perhaps instead of "no", I should have said "I wish".  But in fact, the Chinese are indeed concerned about "radical(*) Muslim separatists" in the west. They've been concerned about them for decades. Their basic line on them is to come down hard on any uppityness.

(*) See Raymond Ibrahim on the concept of "radical" as used to describe Muslims/Islam: "Muslim Radicalization", September 1.