Wednesday, 27 June 2012

"Radicalised" convert to Islam set to Auto-plode

This story is interesting for several reasons:

1.  That it's in the Huffington Post, which usually doesn't report anything that reflects badly on the Religion of Peace: and this one certainly does.
2.  That the police and other counter terror units know about his plans and yet seem to have nothing that they can pick him up for (though I assume there's much more happening behind the scenes than we know...)
3.  That the "radicalisation" he goes through in his journey in Islam leads him to conclude he must indiscriminately kill infidels.  In no other religion does "radicalisation" lead to that conclusion.

Here's Raymond Ibrahim on that very issue, just a few days ago:
.... we must acknowledge that the word "radicalization" simply means "to go to the root or origin of something," in this case, religion: a Muslim radical goes to the root teachings of Islam; a Christian radical goes to the root teachings of Christianity. Accordingly, there are certainly "Christian radicals" in America. The question is, do they pose the same risks to America as Muslim radicals?
Green and all moral relativists naturally do not want to pursue such a question, opting to pretend that any form of "radicalization"—regardless of the "root teachings"—is evil. They are certainly not interested in determining the fundamentals of Christianity and Islam, and whether they are equally prone to violence, terrorism, conquest, etc. While this is not the place to contrast modern Christianity's apolitical and largely passive nature with modern Islam's political and largely aggressive nature—a theme elaborated here—suffice it to say that, while thousands of modern-day Muslim leaders are on record quoting Islamic scriptures to justify violence and hate, one is hard pressed to find examples of modern Christian leaders preaching violence and hate—and justifying it through scripture. [full article]