Monday, 1 October 2012

"Living with criticism graciously"

Have had a number of emails in support of my letter of 23 September. And yesterday, a supportive letter was published in the South China Morning Post. I must say, kudos to the SCMP, for publishing not one, but two letters critical of their Editorial, which is, after all, the official view of the paper.  In the meantime, though, they did publish another editorial, yesterday, essentially calling for shouting down of what they call "bigoted and intolerant" voices.  But one person's valid criticism is another person's bigotry, to engage in a bit of my own moral equivalence.... The letter below the fold.

Living with criticism graciously
Like Peter Forsythe ("Suppressing criticism not the answer," September 23), I disagreed with your editorial calling for people to bend over backwards to spare the feelings of Islamist fanatics ("Outrage at video was predictable", September 16).
Christianity, Hinduism and other religions have been criticised and made fun of many times in the past, with none of the members going berserk by destroying property and lives.
Indeed, the atheist Christopher Hitchens wrote eloquently in his book God is Not Great of the need to learn about tolerance, understanding and humour. Trying to be "politically correct" by mollycoddling murderous religious fanatics produces nothing but chaos.
Vandana Marino, Lantau