Monday, 29 April 2013

Boston Calling: Bombers are the victims....

Letter to Beebs:
A sweet young Muslim lady was on the Boston Calling show just now (here in Hong Kong) telling us that when 911 happened she was concerned for how bad Osama Bin Laden had made Muslims look. Roll that round in the mind for a tick... Nothing about the 3,000 dead innocents; nothing about the Islamic ideology that drove OBL.  No, only concern for how Muslims might "look"... 
Well, never mind, for Lo! the young Muslima has had her consciousness raised. She no longer thinks of how the Boston Bombings " might make Muslims look".  No; now she's "sad" for the fact that the Tsarnaev freres were led down the path of terrorism (and without wondering how they might have been so led). In other words, she is yet again concerned for Muslims with not a skerrick of thought for the real victims -- those dead and maimed -- or for the ideology that led the Tsarnaevs to do what they did. 
That's bad enough, but to be expected: it is after all the normal litany of victimhood that accompanies each new Islamist atrocity. Not excusable though, is the nodding acquiescence of your BBC reporter. Finishing up the piece, a young Muslim man opined that "America can always improve" (i.e. again the fault is America's), nary a thought that Islam could improve, or could teach it's adherents that bombing innocents is to "misunderstand the Religion of Peace".  And yet, your reporter approvingly repeated this nasty and blindly self-centered farrago of nonsense. 
Shame on you for abetting this ubiquitous Muslim victimhood. And doing so without question or rebuttal. 
Yours etc,
Peter F
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