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Long article (linked below) somewhat dour and tedious, but important. The same as the authors reveal here as happening in Islamic schools around the world -- namely as breeding grounds for terrorism -- is happening in mosques around the world too.
Better the Singapore solution: not to allow *any* foreign funding for any schools or mosques (or churches or temples, just to make it fair).
The main villain in the piece, as in so many of our problems with Islam around the world, is our supposed ally Saudi Arabia. God-awful Saudi Arabia. God, God awful Saudi Arabia, about which not one good thing can be said.
Today, religious schools are found everywhere including the USA and Europe. Granting Schools the right to teach Wahhabism is similar to licensing Neo-Nazism. Democratic and liberal societies should look beyond the surface and comprehend the consequences of implanting ideas of hatred in the minds of the young. Teaching Wahhabism in the USA and Europe means implanting the seeds of self-destruction.,_Ideology_and_Terrorism/

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