Wednesday, 25 November 2015

"Their murderous ideology"

So says Obama, of IS/ISIS, just now on BBC TvNews.
And what, pray tell, is that "murderous ideology"? Is it something they have invented? Have they written it up, as did Hitler in "Mein Kampf? Have they drawn on some preexisting "vile ideology" (another Obama-ism) like that of the KKK?
Why, no, no and no.
Their "vile and murderous" ideology is spelled out in their monthly online magazine, Dabiq. And it's simply this: quotations (galore) from the Koran, the Hadith, the Sirah and numerous Islamic scholars.
The vile and murderous ideology, in short, is the ideology of Islam.
When do the dots get connected?
In the case of Obama, they never will. He will keep up his obscurantism, in his absurd belief that to do otherwise would somehow tip some otherwise moderate over the edge into radicalism.
Wake up Barack.