Thursday, 6 October 2016

Pakistani scholar ordered home from Australian tour after anti-Semitic video emerges

This is the warped thinking that religion -- especially Islam -- leads grown men to. 
"We are peaceful people, so the Jews must be slaughtered, every last one."
This is from the Canberra Times, via a Harry's Place commenter -- commenting on an article about murderous anti-Ahmadi rhetoric from an imam in the UK. Apparently nothing is being done about this very real hate speech in the UK.  Indeed it's incitement to mainstream Muslims to kill Ahmadi Muslims (because the mainstream Muslims consider Ahmadis heretics, and hence ripe for slaughtering.  And we know it has effect, this sort of speech, as an Ahmadi shopkeeper was murdered by a Sunni quite recently. And nothing is done. 
At least in Australia, something was done about the Jew-hating Muslim. But note that it was done by the Australian Pakistani Association, not our government. 
I'd guess it's even more unlikely that the UK Pakistani association would do something similar,as they appear to be more radical than those in Oz.